(F-Class Open, F-Class T/R, Tactical Rifle (AR), plus other NRA, prone disciplines)

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Match Director
Michael Eason
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Pete Carnelli
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Hello All,

This Saturday, May 14, is our 2022 Mid Range Club Championship. Match is open to members AND nonmembers. I have registrations from just a few people, so if you want to shoot May 14, please email me ASAP.

Rifles: F-Class Open, F-Class T/R, AR Tactical, Service, Match, Palma
Distance: 600 yards
Time: 8:00am to prep the range; registration closes 8:45am, first relay at 9:15am. All competitors should plan to remain after the match to take down the electronic targets and return the range to its standard configuration prior to the awarding of trophies and medals.
Number of Entries: 35 shooter limit, email Match Director ASAP to register for the match, juniors welcome with prior approval of Match Director
Match Fees: $20 for PGC members, $35 for non-members, cash or check at registration, or email Match Director for pre-match electronic payment instructions (no cards accepted day of match)
Other: NO muzzle brakes or suppressors, NO AP, tracer, or steel-core rounds, and nothing over 30 caliber

Let me know if you have questions. 

Michael Eason

Match Director
PGC Mid and Long Range Competition

Email: pgclongrangers@gmail.com
Cell: 843-708-5724

2022 MR/LR Competition Schedule

May 14, 600 (2022 MR Club Championship)
Jun 11, 800
Jul 9, 600
Aug 13, 800
Sep 10, 600
Oct 8, 800 (2022 LR Club Championship)
Nov 12, 600
Dec 10, 800