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Palmetto Gun Club High Power Match Information
August 2018 PGC High Power Match Report

This month we held a CMP Games High Power Rifle event. This event is shot with rifles of military design only and mostly WW1, WW2 and Korea war time frame. The shooters shoot for CMP awards of God, Silver and Bronze. The award scores are listed in the CMP rule book and are calculated by the CMP each year based on the scores shot by competitors at CMP national and regional games events.

We had 27 Shooters shooting 39 enters. This is a reentry match allowing shooters to shoot more than one rifle or to shoot the same rifle more than one time. We had 18 PGC members the largest member turnout for a high power match in years, along with 9 non-member shooters. This was such a well attended match we make every effort to hold 2 or 3 CMP sponsored matches each year.

Our next high power match "NRA 80 shot regional match" will be held September 22, 2018. Please let me know via email soon if you are shooting as this is in conflict with the State of SC high power state match. If we have a lot of shooters going to the state match I will cancel the September match.

Look forward to seeing you all at our next match.

Bob Wills
High Power Match Director
(843) 906-5929
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