'Front Sight Focus'

August 31ST, 2019

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PGC Members,

I am Robert Dudley, the Junior Rife Coach for the Club. I have been working on getting an event set up called Junior Bullseye over the past several months. This event is designed to get youths interested who have never had the opportunity to try out shooting sports. The event will follow a similar format as Women on Target run by Carrie Crim.

It will take a great deal of planning to make this event spectacular. This is where I need some help. Here are my visions & goals for this event. Please let me know if you or anyone you know who would like to help make this happen.


Create an educational community outreach event that brings youth together to learn about firearm safety and the joys of shooting sports.


    •  Introduce new youth to shooting sports
    •  Provide youth-centric firearm safety lessons
    •  Become a known community resource for firearm safety and sports

I am planning some FUN non-firearm events such as:

    •  Police K9 demonstration
    •  Police/Fire/EMS static display vehicles
    •  SCDNR Educational Trailers
    •  Archery
    •  4H

I am also requesting help for the following:

    •  Planning and pricing a lunch menu
    •  Inviting Local, State and Federal representatives
    •  Working with local vendors to build out goodie bags for the youth
    •  Notifying Dorchester County Sheriff, EMS, and Fire for situational awareness

Please email me and let me know if you would like to help with planning or have any other ideas or suggestions. I will be asking for volunteers to work the event when it comes closer. I need members that can do some of the reaching out and heavy lifting. Junior Bullseye is a PGC event, and with your help, it will be a success.

There is more to come so please keep an eye on The PGC Home Page the Bullseye and look out for future emails and an Eventzilla listing.

Rob Dudley
PGC Junior Rifle Coach / Junior Bullseye
Click Here To Send Me an Email or call 843-276-9862