Welcome To The
Palmetto Gun Club
Junior Rifle Shooting Program

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2017 Regular Practice Dates:
4/9 and 4/23 - Junior Rifle Shooting practice
5/7 and 5/20 - Junior Rifle Shooting practice
6/4 and 6/17 - Junior Rifle Shooting practice
7/2 and 7/15 - Junior Rifle Shooting practice
8/6 and 8/19 - Junior Rifle Shooting practice
9/3 and 9/16 - Junior Rifle Shooting practice
10/8 and 10/21 - Junior Rifle Shooting practice
11/5 - Junior Rifle Shooting practice

2017 Match and Training dates:
2/4 & 2/5 - NRA Level 1 Rifle Coach School
11/18 & 11/19 - Regional Prone Match (If a Junior does not wish to shoot the match on one or both days, then they and parents/guardians can volunteer to help with a variety of duties. These roles earn work credit for club members.)

PGC Club Members may participate at no cost.
For non-members, the first and second sessions are complimentary. On the 3rd session, the cost is $75 for the year. Juniors in the same family pay $50 per child after the $75 charge for the first child.

Palmetto Gun Club is located approximately 2 miles from Highway 61 on Summers Drive.
The range is on the left side coming from Highway 61 and is well marked with a large sign for Palmetto Gun Club.
GPS Coordinates: N32°55'43" W080°17'03"
Google Maps Address: 761 Summers Drive, Ridgeville, SC

Practice Time: 9:30AM-12:30PM (Safety briefing for new participants is at 9:00) For those who shoot the prone match on the 3rd Saturday of the month, instead of attending Junior Rifle Shooting practice, the match begins at 9:00. You'll need to arrive by 8:30.

Advance sign up for each practice is required to make sure we have enough coaches to accommodate the group size. To sign up or if you have questions, please contact Sandra Worman by email at sworman@outlook.com or call 619-804-1565.

We meet at point 10 on the rifle line. (Enter the gate and turn left. You can park at the rifle line.)

Member and non-member parents/guardians and their Juniors (aged 10 to 20) are welcome to come to practice. Maturity is more important than age. We rely on the parent to decide if their Junior is ready to participate.

A parent or guardian must accompany the junior to practice
and stay for the duration of the session.

No experience is necessary for the parent/guardian or the Junior. We start each session by laying out the plan for the day and explaining what everyone will be doing, then transitioning into actual shooting. Additional roles handled by the adults are:

   • Ammo King : Keeps ammunition loaded into the ammunition blocks and distributed to the Juniors during practice.

   • Scorer and Target Hanger: helps Juniors score their targets and hang targets on the frames.

   • Scorekeeper : Documents scores into the log book as the Juniors work their way towards benchmarks that earn them certificates and medals.

   • Scopemaster : Puts scopes, stands and poles together for use during the practice.

Course of fire: Prone, Standing and Kneeling positions at 50 feet, 50 yards or 100 yards (we won't shoot all positions, at all yardages, every time).

Rifles used: .22 bolt action long rifle with peep sights.

How old must a young person be to participate? Maturity is more important than age. A general minimum guideline is 10 years old. We rely on the parent to decide if their Junior is ready to participate. 20 is the maximum age.

What does the club provide?
    •   A safety overview
    •   Shooting instruction (position, sight picture, natural point of aim, trigger squeeze)
    •   The rifle
    •   Sling, Glove, Jacket and Mat
    •   Ammunition and Targets
    •   Hearing protection (foam earplugs)
    •   Eye protection

What should the family provide?
    •   Hearing protection (for parent and child) if more than foam earplugs are desired, or any of the above club-provided items that you already own.
    •   Hat (to prevent sun glare while shooting) and 2 long-sleeved shirts for a base-layer under the shooting coat.
    •   Water and snacks (hands must be washed before eating or drinking to avoid lead contamination).
    •   A small notebook to (for each child) to make notes about equipment settings and conditions.

Questions - Please contact Robert Dudley by email at radudley@gmail.com or call 843-276-9862