(Rev December 16, 2017)

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Palmetto Gun Club is now at our Maximum Membership of 600. A waiting list has been started; the process to be placed on the waiting list is listed below.

Guidelines for Palmetto Gun Club Membership Waiting List:

•    Read all of the membership requirements below

•    Complete Application

•    NRA Membership; obtained with number and expiration date

     º    All of the above must be completed Before the application can be submitted for the waiting list.
     º    Applications will only be taken at a PGC Monthly Club meeting. They must be brought to the meeting by the applicant or by the sponsoring member of the applicant, as long as the candidate makes one of their two votes in person.
     º    A $25 non-refundable fee is required to submit your application.
     º    No applications will be accepted by mail or email.
     º    The club secretary will contact you, at the email address provided on the application, when an opening becomes available.

Click Here to send the Club Secretary an email if you have any further questions.

Membership Requirements:

•    Must be a legal resident of the United States of America and at least eighteen (18) years old.

•    According to the legal requirements of the United States, applicant is able to purchase and possess firearms; and there is no other reason why the applicant could not, or should not, own or use firearms.

•    Applicant must have a State issued picture ID or a Current SC CWP with them to the 1st club meeting; a readable copy of this picture ID must be attached to the application.

•    All applicants that do not have a Current SC CWP, will agree at the time of application to have a background check performed by Palmetto Gun Club prior to their second vote for membership.

•    Membership applicants must have a sponsor in good standing of PGC, and be personally interviewed and approved on a two-thirds vote by the membership at a regular monthly meeting.

•    The Palmetto Gun Club monthly meetings start at 7PM on the third Tuesday of the month and last about an hour. (please check the website for meeting location!)

•    After first vote by the membership, the applicant must attend a range orientation with the PGC Chief Instructor or designee before the 2nd vote can occur.

•    Continuous Membership in the NRA is required. You must provide proof of your membership (NRA card or the mailing label from a recent publication) which must be verified by an officer in the club when you join. Or you can join the NRA by going to their website at send a copy of your card to the club secretary when received.

•    Range Membership ID / Gate Cards will be issued when all requirements have been fulfilled and application completed.

•    PGC Newsletters and Club Notices/Invoices are E-mailed out to all members. You must keep your email address up to date with the club secretary.

Club Dues, Fees, & Assessments

•    Club Dues are $150/ year. Annual membership is from May 1st to April 30th. Renewal notices will be sent out in April, to email address provided. Renewals are due No Later than the PGC member meeting in May (the 3rd Tuesday in May).

•    Workday Assessment is $180/year. Member can participate in two workday projects annually or other work projects --- or pay assessment.

•    PGC Initiation fee is $750 due at the time of joining. (Initiation fee may be paid over a 5 year period). Initiation fee installment is due to the club, each year in the month of the anniversary of you becoming a member.

•    New Members Annual dues are pro-rated quarterly (Renewals are not Prorated) *Your membership dues are prorated, so you are paying up to May 1st of the following year for your membership. You will be billed the membership dues when they come up again for the next year.

•    Here is a breakdown of New Membership Payments (your total for payment when joining will be the line matching the month of your 2nd Vote)