Palmetto Gun Club
Youth Marksmanship Program

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Program Highlights

  • Competitive shooting program for youth ages 9-17
  • Open to children of PGC members AND nonmembers
  • Firearms, ammo, and other equipment provided
  • Focus is on two shooting disciplines:
    • CMP/NRA/ISSF Smallbore/Precision 3-Position
    • SASP Speed Shooting (similar to SCSA Steel Challenge)
  • Monthly competition opportunities
  • Four organized practice opportunities per month:
    • Youth are expected to attend at least two
    • 1st and 3rd Sundays, 8:30-12:30
    • 2nd and 4th Saturdays, 2:00-6:00
  • Last, but not least, academic performance of participating youth is monitored, and tutoring is available if needed

Safety and Sportsmanship

The handling of firearms is not inherently dangerous, but it is terribly unforgiving of carelessness, incapacity, or neglect. Instruction in the safe handling of firearms will be provided. Strict adherence to our safety rules will be required at all times. Program directors and coaches will enforce firearms safety, as well as good sportsmanship, and may remove anyone (youth or adult) from the program who becomes unsafe, is a disciplinary issue, or fails to meet the spirit of good sportsmanship.

Youth and parents should be familiar with the PGC Range Rules and should speak out when anyone fails to follow the safety rules. And if you are not sure, ask a coach.

Shooting Disciplines

Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP) - SASP is a fast-growing shooting program where youth shoot at steel targets in a timed event. Similar to SCSA Steel Challenge, the goal is to be safe, accurate, and fast. The sport uses both rifles and pistols of various calibers. PGC will use .22 caliber rifles and pistols. All participants will start with rifles.


As we begin our second year as part of SASP, our goal will be to take multiple squads to the SASP National Championship in Ohio in July 2023.

  • SASP SC State Championship - Spring 2023
  • SASP National Championship - July 2023

For more information, check the following:

CMP/NRA/ISSP Smallbore/Precision 3-Position - This can be referred to as "Olympic" or "collegiate" shooting. Youth learn to shoot from the prone, kneeling, and standing positions using jackets, slings, gloves, and other equipment needed to build a stable shooting platform.


Discipline, perseverance, and practice will be required to meet our objectives in 2023 and beyond.

  • US Junior Olympic Qualifier - January 2023
  • CMP National Championship - July 2023
  • Summer Olympics, Australia - July 2032

Youth and parents are strongly encouraged to become familiar with the CMP/NRA/ISSF rules for Smallbore/Precision 3-Position.

Other Information

  • Participation is the only way to get better. If you sign up, you are expected to show up.
  • Annual program cost (payable after two sessions):
    • Non-members $100
    • Members $25
  • Parent or guardian must be present at all activities.
  • Youth and adults are expected to assist the coaching staff with safety, setup, teardown, score keeping, timekeeping, etc.
  • Range workdays required of youth and parents
  • Scholarships and summer camps also available
  • PGC provides significant funding for the youth program, but we also conduct additional fundraising activities. One of those is through our PGC Junior Rifle Team Endowment at the MidwayUSA Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity. Donations to our endowment account are tax deductible and are matched by Larry and Brenda Potterfield, owners of MidwayUSA, who fund the Foundation's Matching Program.

Contact Information

Our Scrapbook

PGC youth earn squad awards for 1st place in rimfire rifle iron sights, 2nd place in rimfire rifle optic sights, and 3rd place in rimfire rifle optic sights, as well as an individual award for 2nd place overall lady rifle in 2023 Georgia State Championship.

PGC youth earn 1st Place in 2023 Georgia State Championship

PGC youth earn 1st Place in 2023 Georgia State Championship

PGC youth earn 1st Place in 2023 Georgia State Championship

PGC youth in the Summerville Christmas Parade.

PGC youth in the Summerville Christmas Parade

PGC youth with Santa in the Summerville Christmas Parade

PGC youth getting stronger.

PGC youth getting stronger

Introducing PGC youth to smallbore precision.

2022 Fall Precision Shooters

PGC youth take 1st Place Rifle Optics in 2022 Fall Classic.

2022 Fall Classic 1st Place

Our Fall 2022 Kickoff Flyer.

Fall 2022 Kickoff Flyer

CMP Nationals at Camp Perry, Ohio, July 2022.

First Shooter at CMP Nationals

SASP National Championship at Ohio's Cardinal Shooting Center, July 2022.

Rookies at SASP Nationals

SASP SC State Championship at Belton Gun Club, June 2022.

Rookies at SASP Nationals

In February 2022, we had competitors in the SASP Valentine's Classic and a CMP Smallbore match.

CMP Smallbore at PGC

SASP Valentine's Classic at PGC

In September 2021, eight of our youth and several coaches participated in a shooting clinic at The Citadel along with The Citadel's rifle team. The clinic was led by Bob Foth, a US Olympic Silver-Medalist.

PGC Youth and Coaches at The Citadel Shooting Clinic

Yes, we have several girls shooting in our program. Six of our youth shot in PGC's monthly smallbore match in August 2021. Could be a future Olympic shooter in this picture.

Six youth shot in our August smallbore match

Some shade for our SASP shooters in May 2021.

Some summer shade on our steel shooters