PGC Orientation
10/15/2020 Revision

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General information about the Club:
  • PGC membership is limited to 800. There may be a waiting list of applicants while processing to join.
  • PGC is a private club for personal use by members, direct family & guests.
    • Direct family is defined as: Spouse, grandparents, parents, children, children's spouses, brothers, sisters, grandchildren.
    • Direct family and guests must be accompanied by the member.
    • A member may only bring up to two guests at a time to the range. Only one guest may shoot at a time, and must
    • be supervised by the member at all times.
    • Each local area guest is limited to two visits. After his or her initial two visits, PGC expects him or her to become a member, however, individuals who have validated their application may continue to visit the range with a member until they become an official member.
    • Members may not use the club facilities for business related activities or receive compensation for its use.
  • Initial Fees upon joining: $150 annually for dues, $750 initiation fee for new members half is due upon joining, the balance is due on the member's first anniversary. There is a one-time $25 gate card fee.
  • The range is on 88 acres of land owned by PGC, surrounded by Lennar Carolina and private property
  • Rifle range has 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 and 825 yard fixed target positions.
    • All positions are on one controlled firing line
    • Members must be long range certified to shoot beyond 200 yards
  • Pistol range has 10 pistol bays, each with backstop and side berms
    • Bays are individually controlled
    • Private property is beyond the backstop berms
  • Facilities include two classrooms, two bathroom buildings, equipment shed, and CONEX boxes assigned to match directors.
  • Equipment includes three tractors, mower, implements, and multiple golf carts for use at matches and the rifle line. The Club publishes the Bullseye newsletter each month.
    • On line at the club website and e-mailed monthly
  • The club's website has lots of useful information, including the club calendar showing when the club match dates, grass cutting, and workdays. The online calendar is the official schedule of events and allocation of resources.
  • Workdays are scheduled on the calendar and members are required to work two or more days or pay a $90 assessment per workday. Workday credit may be given for helping at matches, during special programs (Women on Target, etc.) and with PGC sponsored classes. Workday credits are recorded for the calendar year and are applied to the member's annual invoice the following April. New members joining the club in July, Aug, or .Sept. will be responsible for only 1 workday for that calendar year. Members joining in Oct., Nov. or Dec. will have a zero-workday requirement.
  • Please drive only on the roads and park in the proper areas. Never drive over firing lines or in pistol bays. The rifle parking area has water and electricity hookups for campers. Overnight camping is allowed for match participants with prior approval of the match director.
Operational Range Rules:
  • The range property is a cold range — no loaded firearms until at a hot firing line; exceptions — Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) and civilian concealed carry, outside of matches, in accordance with SC Laws. LEOs not in uniform who open carry will display their badge near their holster.
  • Range hours are from sunrise to sunset — no night shooting ever!!
  • Ammunition: Tracers and incendiary rounds are prohibited everywhere. Armor piercing and steel core rounds are prohibited on steel.
  • Alcoholic beverages and intoxicating drugs are prohibited on the ranges at any time. Check with your physician on prescription medications.
  • Appropriate eye and ear protection is required at all times at the range when in proximity of firing lines. Normally this will be safety rated glasses and ear plugs or noise reducing ear muffs.
  • Open fires are prohibited except on workdays when approved by the responsible fire authority in Dorchester County, when monitored by work crews and when completely extinguished before departure. Tents and campers should be setup away from the parking areas and firing lines.
  • There is no hunting allowed on club properties at any time.
  • Clean up your mess afterwards: Take down and dispose of all targets. Pick up center-fire brass, shotgun shells, targets, paper, wads, etc. Place all trash in a can or the dumpster. Ensure all barrels are laid against a side berm and clear of the berm floor.
  • Any member that has an accident or encounters any problem at the range must report it to a club officer in writing. E-mail is considered in writing. If the accident or incident requires 911 services, call a PGC Officer immediately and then follow up in writing.
  • Point out the AED, Trauma kit in the small classroom
FOUR Rules of safe firearms handling:
  • ALWAYS handle EVERY firearm as if it were loaded.
  • NEVER point the muzzle at anything you are not willing to shoot.
  • ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until you are pointed at the target.
  • ALWAYS clearly identify your target and what is in front and beyond.
Security and Gate Operations:
  • The gate access cards issued are electronic cards that open the gate and double as your membership card
  • Members must have membership cards immediately accessible (on your person, in your range bag, or other location that can be quickly accessed) when at the range.
  • The PGC is under the jurisdiction of the Dorchester County Sheriff's Office only for those matters that are statutorily stated for private property. The DCSO has no authority to and may not enforce PGC bylaws or rules and may not request to verify membership, but may request ID in a criminal investigation.
  • The PGC is also a designated Landing Zone (LZ) for Medivac Helicopters and when being used as such, the club comes under the command of the senior fire official on the scene and all members must comply with his/her directives until the responders vacate the property.
  • The gate access system is single pass system
    • You must swipe your gate access card on the card readers located near the gate to get in and out of the range, even if the gate is open!
    • Lost card replacement will cost $25.00
    • If you forget your card, you will not get into the gate.
  • DO NOT shoot up the props (or hang targets on them!) that match directors have placed in the bays examples: Plastic barrels, building facades, fences, wagons, wells, etc.
Matches and Courses at the PGC:
  • Most weekends, we have matches: Cowboy Action SASS, Small Bore Rifle, High Power Rifle, Long Range Rifle, USPSA/IPSC, Rimfire Benchrest, Centerfire Benchrest, ICORE, IDPA, Steel Challenge, and NRA Light Rifle.
  • Some special matches during the week usually for Regional Matches — see the calendar.
  • Match Directors and course instructors have control of the range under their command during matches and courses. See the match director or instructor to access and use those parts of the range during matches. Follow the Match Director's or instructor's requirements, range orders, etc.
  • Courses at PGC are not offered to the public, and are for members, direct family, and recommended guests only! Cost is nominal to reimburse the club for direct expenses. Instructors are strictly volunteers and are not compensated.
Pistol Bay Operations → RANGE RULES

Rifle Line Operations → RANGE RULES

Environmental Concerns
  • The ranges contain lead, not only in the backstop berms, but all along the firing line and in the bays. Lead comes not only from bullets, but also from primers and gasses expelled upon firing.
  • Smoking, eating and drinking are discouraged on the firing lines and in bays due to the potential for lead ingestion and exposure.
  • Young children especially are susceptible to problems from lead exposure
  • Do not permit your children to "forage" for spent bullets in the pistol bays and backstop berms. Spent bullets often have sharp edges and the dirt is full of lead dust