Palmetto Gun Club
Membership Information

We are a 100% NRA membership Club
Support the National Rifle Association. The Palmetto Gun Club does.

Palmetto Gun Club Meetings
Announced on the Home Page
And by Email to the Membership

      Membership Application & Requirements       
 ★ 4/3/2023 Update ★ 

   ( Updated 5/20/2021 )   

      PGC Orientation (PDF Format)      
   (10/15/2020 Revision)   

      The Palmetto Gun Club RANGE RULES      
 ★ 10/17/2022 Revision ★ 

      The Palmetto Gun Club By-Laws      
 ★ 2/14/2023 Revision ★ 

      Maps & Directions to the PGC Range      

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